Tom Perez: The Establishment Vs Democracy

tom-perez-and-keith-ellisonRevolutions begin when people who are defined as problems achieve the power to redefine the problem – John McKnight.

Unfortunately, the above quote has no bearing on the psyche of the Democratic Party! The outcome of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairmanship election has confirmed that the Democratic establishment has yet to understand and realize that they are the foundation to the miasma of problems that gave us “This So Called Ruler of the United States” (SCROTUS).

The dirty politics of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the disgraced former DNC Chairwoman, alienated a lot of people from the base. The 2016 Democratic Presidential primary elections exposed the true nature of Wassermann Schultz. She was anointed by the establishment and did a good job in preserving the status quo, doing everything within her power to rig the system against Sen. Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Eventually, Wassermann Schultz and her cronies succeeded in killing the momentum of Sanders’ political revolution. Unbeknownst to them, they also killed the spirit of many people among whom were passionate millennials who had felt the Bern because to them, Sanders represented a departure from the status quo.

Unfortunately, not only did this move by democrats cost us the presidency. It cost us political representation in offices at both national and local levels.

The loss of 63 seats and control of the House, the loss of 11 seats and control of the Senate, the loss of 13 governorships, the loss of over 900 state legislative seats and control of 27 state legislative chambers.

However, I have always believed that you learn more from the pain of loss than the joy of winning. If we had won and refused to change, it would have been understandable because one terrible drawback of winning is the delusion that you’ve done everything right. But to lose big and not reflect is the epitome of insanity!

Currently, it is very hard to distinguish between the Democratic and the Republican Party in our pandering to Wall Street plutocrats and oligarchs at the expense of the hoi polloi.  It is quite disturbing that the Democratic political juggernauts have continued on the same trajectory of Wassermann Schultz by rigging this election against Congressman Keith Ellison.

The establishment is addicted to the status quo. They have eyes but have refused to see, ears but have refused to hear – given that the message of the American people came through loud and clear in the past presidential election. People want deep change, a democratic system that works for the people and a comprehensive architectonic critique of our entire political system.

As with Bernie Sanders, Congressman Keith Ellison represented change. For many, including me, Ellison represents the so much desired and needed change that the DNC desperately needs to move us in the right direction. While we consider him the glorious future for our beloved party, the establishment sees Rep. Keith Ellison as a threat and too dangerous to the status quo, so much so that the powers that be recruited the candidacy of Tom Perez to sabotage Ellison.

And now, Tom Perez, the anointed of the system has been elected.

But truth be told, leadership has its season. Tom Perez is not destined for this season but imposed on this season by the Democratic political juggernauts.

The establishment orchestrated Hillary Clinton’s victory over Bernie Sanders but lost the presidency.  Similarly, the rejection of Rep. Keith Ellison is the rejection of the future, and might as well be the end of the future for our beloved party.

It is my prayer that the establishment will be healed of their terrible disease, status quo and short sightlessness that blinds them to the future.



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