Saving Our Democracy from Trump’s Demonstration of Craze

Texas is slang for CRAZY! It’s no news that Norwegians have long used the word “Texas” as slang for crazy, and if you are just hearing this for the first time now you know.

Truth be told, Texas is beyond crazy, especially with the recent bill signed into law by the state Gov. George Abbott, which empowers the local police to inquire into the immigration status of people lawfully detained.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid, that with the way things have gone and are going with “This So Called Administration” that it’s only a matter of time before the United States becomes globally adopted as another word for crazy. In fact, with this administration, craziness is high on steroids.

Donald Trump is harmful and dangerous to the ideals of the United States, and has furthered impeded the negative impression of our country around the world. Upon inception into the Office of the Presidency of the United States, the Trump administration issued a bunch of draconian legislations that targeted Syrian refugees, immigrants, green-card holders, Muslims and imposed a traveling ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries. Thus far, he has signed 32 executive orders in his excruciating first 100 days in office – some which were aimed at undoing President Obama’s executive orders.

He has also fired three prominent and dedicated people in his brief tenure – James Comey, former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Sally Yates, former Acting Attorney General and Preet Bharara, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York.  The common denominator in these three situations is that they were all fired while investigating the Trump’s administration involvement with Russia.

With the election of Donald Trump, one thing we can agree on and can be truthful about is that America is not SPECIAL! His presidency has completely debunked the long-held mythological ideology of American Exceptionalism as the election of AUTHORITARIAN FACIST proves that we are anything but exceptional. Furthermore, what is the basis of our exceptionalism when they are dictators in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin American countries?

As an African, who had spent over two decades under military dictatorship, it is hard to believe that a country that purports and exports democracy all over the globe, could elect a dictator. Since we’ve elected a political neophyte who lacks the appropriate judgment and scope of knowledge to perform as a dictator let alone a democratic leader, what is the way forward?

The only way out is for us to come together as Americans, as we’ve often found solidarity in times of disaster such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. Trump’s presidency is a DISASTER that has afflicted us all and we must band together irrespective of our political affiliations in order to survive this calamity. I am a Democrat, I write this blog post not a Democrat but as a concerned citizen who wants the best for America and committed to saving America from itself.

Presidents are supposed to protect U.S. citizens; unfortunately, the onus is on us to come together and be strong so as to protect ourselves and America from this president.

We must have the mindset of being in this together and as we lead, politicians from both parties will be forced to align themselves with us and be part of the solution.

Let’s face the truth, if we ever were, we are definitely no longer the bastion of democracy. At best, what we have is a gross simulacrum of democracy. We must RESIST Trump’s dictatorial tendencies by all standards not only to preserve the future of democracy but to ensure the future of our nature.

Trust me, dictatorship is not something you can get used to – RESIST IT!



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